Learning Broadsword at Home

There are several great youtube channels for learning the Highland broadsword. I’ve extracted a few video series that augment the basics I’ve taught in class. BUT each of these channels has tons of videos that we would all benefit from watching. These are the main channels in our style (that I’m aware of):
Broadsword Academy Manitoba

The following is a list of youtube series from these channels that I find particularly interesting.

Solo Covid 19 Lesson Series by Broadsword Academy Manitoba
I’m listing this series first because it is the newest series on my list and covers all the broadsword basics. This series is comprehensive but very long — feel free to bounce around.

One of the most recent videos from this channel is a solo training exercise:
New Solo Broadsword Lesson – Bettering your Fundamentals

There is also a sub-series on Footwork that I recommend.
Footwork Exercise Series (this is a link to episode 1)

Core Curriculum of the Cateran Society by Gilbride100
This series covers the exact lessons we teach in class. I especially recommend Regimental Broadsword Lessons 1 and Lessons 2. Part 3 covers how to use your offhand offensively.

ISS Highland Broadsword series by Stoccata
This series covers Pages manual. The instructor is knowledgeable and covers several techniques beyond what I teach in class. The video includes excerpts and diagrams from the text and is an excellent learning resource.

Advanced Topics
This is a collection of random videos I found interesting. Each channel is hiding gems in a sea of sparring and basics videos.
Hanging Parries & Avoiding Feints by Stoccata
Feints With the Broadsword by Stoccata
Regimental Broadsword Lessons 3 by Gilbride100 (Using the off hand to control your opponents weapon)
Swing cuts, draw cuts, push cuts, and chops by Broadsword Academy Manitoba