Other HEMA/Fencing Clubs in the New Orleans Area

New Orleans

  • Systeme D’Arms is a HEMA club focused mainly on 15h and 16th Century German fencing, especially longsword but also including messer, dussack, and dagger. They also practice German (Joachim Meyer) and Italian (Di Grassi, Giganti) rapier (not foil) and 19th Century Polish military saber. SDA currently only meets outdoors on Sundays due to C19. Interested parties can check out their Rocketchat.
  • There are numerous foil/epee/saber fencing clubs in New Orleans including the New Orleans Athletic Club, the New Orleans Fencers Club, and the Tulane University Fencing Club. Note that our style has some transferability to fencing, but there are extreme differences in how points are scored and the type of gear required, so we rarely have intermingling.

Baton Rouge

Hammond & Covington

  • Ordo Covington is a HEMA group in Covington that specializes in the German longsword. Strongly recommended to those in the area.
  • Ordo Procinctus practices fully armored combat at the LA Ren-Fest grounds. Interested parties should check out their Facebook Page.