How To Join

Please use the form below to apply for membership in the Broadsword Academy of New Orleans.

For general inquiries: please use this link for the general contact form!

What’s this about a risk of Injury?

This is first and foremost a fencing club and there is some risk of injury. We try hard to minimize risk and promote safety, but at the end of the day: we are learning how to hit people with swords.

What level of fitness is required?

You should be comfortable doing physical activity in the heat. There are no particular strength requirements, but you should ask yourself “if I was tripped during a casual soccer game: would I need an ambulance?” If the answer is ‘probably’ then I recommend you come watch practice first.

Is the age limit flexible? I have a very large 17 year old

The age limit is firm! Of course: everyone is welcome to come watch class. If there is a minor who is very interested in fencing: I recommend that you find a time to come watch our practice.

If you have ANY former fencing or martial arts experience LET ME KNOW!

I will respond to your application much faster if you let me know about any former martial arts training you have.