Please use the following form to send me any questions you may have.

Can my child join? They are under the age of 18

We are not currently accepting any students under the age of 18. We have received numerous inquiries about starting a class for minors and we are looking in to it. If you would like to be contacted when and if such a class becomes available: please say so using the following form.

How do I find the club?

The club usually meets near the southern edge of city park at 1030a on Saturdays. We are not currently accepting walk-ins, so if you are interested in joining you should apply using this form!

The class location changes frequently due to weather, so you are strongly encouraged to contact me (using the form below) so I can confirm the location.

Can I come watch?

Absolutely! You are encouraged to contact me (using the form below) just so I can confirm which location we are meeting at.

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