About the Caledonian Broadsword Academy of New Orleans

The Caledonian Broadsword Academy of New Orleans is Historical European Martial Arts club that specializes in the Scottish broadsword. We train with swords of all shapes and sizes and have sent fighters to longsword, broadsword, rapier, and singlestick tournaments across the country. While we enjoy competition, this class is dedicated to fitness, preserving the rich history of medieval martial culture, and mastering the sword!

This club proudly continues the tradition of dueling in the oaks that dates back at least to the early 1800’s.


  • Sam Irving

    Sam Irving

    Sam Irving is the head instructor for the Broadsword Academy of New Orleans. He is a certified Cateran Society fencing instructor with over a decade of broadsword fencing experience. Sam has won numerous fencing tournaments including the 2019 Baton Rouge Open Rapier tournament, the 2013 Texas Assault Singlestick tournament, and the 2019 Louisiana Highland Games’ …

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