Singlestick Fencing Broadsword New Orleans

What to bring to your first Broadsword Practice

We’re starting to have a lot of students find us via this website and I’d like to have an official list of things you should bring to your first Broadsword practice.

We will provide loaner weapons and some protective gear!

You must bring water!!

It is ridiculously hot outside and you should bring water. I drink about 24 oz per hour while fighting outside in Louisiana. Class is officially two hours long but we routinely run long. Please bring at least 32 oz of water.

Bring a work glove if you’ve got it

You will eventually develop blisters on your fingers from rubbing up against the inside of the basket. Any $5 pair of baseball or work gloves is fine. Fingerless gloves are also fine. You only ‘need’ a glove on the hand you will be holding the sword with.

Wear Gym Clothes & Shoes you can run in

I recommend wearing gym shorts and a comfortable t-shirt. You will be completely soaked with sweat after an hour of fighting outside.

It is too hot for pants. Do not wear pants. If you have to wear pants for some reason, make sure they are loose so you at least have leg mobility.

You will need closed toes shoes that you could run in. I wear tennis shoes. Hiking boots are ok.

Males should wear an athletic cup if you’ve got it

You will not be allowed to spar unless you are wearing an athletic cup. This is not required for your first practice, but I recommend getting one sooner rather than later. They are ~$20 on amazon.

Any gear you might have from prior fencing experience

If you have prior fencing experience then I recommend bringing any gear that you may have used. Especially protected gear. And very especially helmets. If you have a helmet then please bring it.

Any questions about gear, safety, or what to bring can be directed at the instructor using the following form.