Starting With Steel Broadswords

Advanced fighters in our class have begun using steel broadswords at practice. Note that most of the broadswords you will find online are not safe to use for sparring. At present, we recommend the Castile Economy Basket Hilt that is linked below.

If you want to use any other broadsword in practice you need to talk to me first.

What blade length should I choose?


I recommend Blade Length = 34”   (match the length of our synthetics)

If you’re moving from the Rawlings synthetics to steel, I recommend matching the length of the new broadsword to what you’re used to. The Rawlings synthetics are 34” long. There is no “best” blade length. How long your sword should be is up to your personal preference. Note that longer blades are more vulnerable to bending.

What flex rating should I choose?

If you’re going to be hitting an opponent in soft armor, especially if its me, you better choose a flex rating of F3. The higher ratings are more rigid and intended for victims in heavier gear than we use in practice.

Flex = F3    (this is the most flexible/safest option)

Do I need a rubber safety tip?

Yes, you need a rubber safety tip. They are available from Castile for $3 right before checkout.


I’m sure safety tips are available elsewhere — I do not care where you get yours from.

Note that your safety tip will definitely fly off during sparring unless you wrap it in tape.