Please use the following form to send me any questions you may have. Can my child join? They are under the age of 18 We are not currently accepting any students under the age of 18. We have received numerous inquiries about starting a class for minors and we are looking in to it. If …

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Gear Recommendations

Online Retailers– I use Purpleheart Armoury for most purchases– For steel weapons I recommendthe economy line from Castile Armory– I purchased my gambeson from Hema Supplies Knee & Elbow Pads– Cheapest Option: Steel Motorcycle ATV Motorscross Elbow/Knee combo (~$25)– Sam’s Favorite Knee Pads: Ultra Flex III KneePro Pads (~$30)– For serious elbow & forearm protection, …

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About the Caledonian Broadsword Academy of New Orleans

The Caledonian Broadsword Academy of New Orleans is Historical European Martial Arts club that specializes in the Scottish broadsword. We train with swords of all shapes and sizes and have sent fighters to longsword, broadsword, rapier, and singlestick tournaments across the country. While we enjoy competition, this class is dedicated to fitness, preserving the rich …

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