Gear Recommendations

Online Retailers
I use Purpleheart Armoury for most purchases
For steel weapons I recommendthe economy line from Castile Armory
– I purchased my gambeson from Hema Supplies

Knee & Elbow Pads
– Cheapest Option: Steel Motorcycle ATV Motorscross Elbow/Knee combo (~$25)
– Sam’s Favorite Knee Pads: Ultra Flex III KneePro Pads (~$30)
– For serious elbow & forearm protection, I recommend something like this: SPES Gecko Forearm Protection (~$65)

Synthetic: What we normally use: Knightshop Synthetic Baskethilt (~$75)
Steel: This is overwhelmingly the most affordable option: Complete Economy Basket Hilt Sword (~$275)

– You need a HEMA approved fencing mask that protects the back of your head: AF Deluxe HEMA Fencing Mask (~$110)

– I strongly recommend a pair ofwork glovesBasically any $15 glove is fine. This is only for comfort; no hand protection is needed besides the broadsword’s basket.- I recommend half-gauntlets for the sword wrist. This are hard to find and cost ~$30.

Gender-Specific Protection
– Men need to buy an althetic cup. They cost $10-$20 on amazon. This is not optional.
– Women are required to wear chest protectors (~$35)